Mrs May – war with Spain
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Author:  Westonman [ Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Mrs May – war with Spain

Here's the report:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... altar.html

If this report from the DM is accurate then Mrs May is another militarily incompetent PM. What utter tosh she and her Tory colleagues speak. Is this proof that the political class live in some kind of warmongering false reality?

According the DM, the Royal Navy currently has so few ships that it would difficult to win a war against any decent sized yacht club.

Here's the list of RN ships according the DM:

The royal navy

Four submarines with nuclear missiles, and seven attack submarines
Six destroyers, right, each armed with 4.5in MK8 Guns, radar-controlled Phalanx Gatling guns and Sea Viper anti-aircraft missiles
Two 578ft landing platform dock ships
One landing platform helicopter ship with ‘Goalkeeper’ close-in weapon system
Thirteen frigates armed with weapons that include Harpoon anti-ship missiles and Seawolf guided missiles
Fifteen mine-clearing vessels
Twenty-two patrol vessels
Four survey vessels and one icebreaker

If that list in anywhere near accurate, and I suspect it is; then Mrs May should be ashamed of herself for not making the strengthening of the Royal Navy her number one priority.

I remember a time, five decades ago and more, when a Royal Navy dockyard was so full of ships that it was impossible to count them all, and the whole place was an incredible hive of furious activity. Not any more. In those far off days our PMs didn't give the impression they were constantly looking to start a war. Today though, they enjoy giving the impression of being full of testosterone, and overdosed on aggression, with nothing to back it up with. They behave like spoilt children with a blood lust who are determined to prove they are each stronger and more aggressive than their imature 'politically correct' peers. Incredible.

Air raid warning to Spain. Standby for mass drone attack directed from Northwood Headquarters. Its the stuff of Dan Dare kid's comics.

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