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Author:  john [ Mon May 15, 2017 8:17 pm ]
Post subject:  NHS

Would diverting all the green taxes fund the NHS

Author:  Westonman [ Tue May 16, 2017 12:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

john wrote:
Would diverting all the green taxes fund the NHS
I recommend that ALLe green taxes be abolished. The economy would then become more efficient, buoyant and profitable for all of us.

Actually, I'm not convinced that the NHS is short of money. The NHS is heavily weighed down with a lot of very expensive non-productive management and political correctness. For example; there is money for sex changes and similar trivia, whilst cancer suffers are left out in the cold. There is money for unnecessary vaccinations, that can, and do cause a lot damage to healthy people, resulting in expensive problems, such as autism, to be catered for; special schools etc. Then there is the massive expense of funding Common Purpose courses for NHS staff, courses that are designed to produce a “million change agents” intended to destroy the NHS. There is always money for political change, but ... they never consult the electorate with any degree of honest public debate. Any 'debate' is always a one-sided monologue of meaningless soundbites at 'election time', that are put back in the cupboard when the results are all in.

Author:  Kremmen [ Wed May 17, 2017 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

I agree, too much management.

They moan about a shortage of nurses. I'm not surprised, take Hillingdon. Who decided to demolish the nurses subsidised accommodation and sell it off for private housing ?

Also, why do nurses need to be Uni educated ? Reasonable education and a caring nature, like it was when the NHS worked.

We now have 'healthcare assistants' many of which struggle with English and have no interest in patient care, just to earn money to send home.

Author:  Westonman [ Wed May 17, 2017 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

Kremmen wrote:
They moan about a shortage of nurses. I'm not surprised, take Hillingdon. Who decided to demolish the nurses subsidised accommodation and sell it off for private housing ?
Totally agree with you.

Kremmen wrote:
Also, why do nurses need to be Uni educated ? Reasonable education and a caring nature, like it was when the NHS worked.
So, so TRUE! Nurses DO NOT need a degree. Degrees only encourage so-called nurses to view nursing as a career path to upper management in order to enhance their income.

A nursing degree will cost the under graduate a uni fee of £9,000 per annum for three years; a minimum debt of £27,000 over three years. As an under-graduate 'nurse' they will each spend the vast majority of their 'uni days' actually working on-site in an NHS hospital; unpaid labour. The actual time in uni lectures is very small indeed. This unpaid nursing training is costing under-graduates £9,000 per year for uni fees, plus accommodation and living expenses. Small wonder that the universities are failing to attract would-be nurses today.

A similar situation applies to training teachers, they pay £9,000 per year in uni fees, whilst spending the vast majority of their time working for nothing in schools.

I'm surprised there hasn't been a class action taking the government, and universities, to court for fraud.

Kremmen wrote:
We now have 'healthcare assistants' many of which struggle with English and have no interest in patient care, just to earn money to send home.
Again, I can't help but fully agree with you. But all this political insanity does provide us all with an insight into the minds of the political class and the establishment. An insight that ought have all of us asking very serious questions of the political class.

Author:  Rich Kid [ Tue May 23, 2017 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

Do Uni's provide the only pathway to well-paid professional jobs? No. It's absolute nonsense to suggest a nurse needs a degree, what they actually need is compassion, good training, reasonable pay and a dedication to providing excellent patient care.

Author:  Kremmen [ Sat May 27, 2017 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

.... and round here subsidised accommodation, like they used to have.

Author:  Rich Kid [ Mon May 29, 2017 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

Totally agree Kremmen, we should also supply accommodation for district nurses. Remember we used to have Police houses?

Author:  Westonman [ Mon May 29, 2017 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

If we all listed the policies we believe are required to make this country a better place to be, we would probably find there is a lot of common ground between ourselves. The problem is, neither Labour, the Lib-Dems, nor the Conservative Party, have very much in common with any of us. Whilst we are expected to make a choice between them. Unfortunately, many do still vote tribally for all three main political offerings of failures at the polls.

I agree that the policies of Corbyn and McDonnell are probably not very attractive to the majority of the electorate. But the same applies to May's Conservative Party and the Lib-Dems (sorry can't even remember their 'leader's name). The realistic choice we have at the polls is between death by a thousand cuts, death by a thousand tax increases, with the reality being a mix of both from all of them.

Whether it be May or Corbyn, the outcome will be the same; ever larger government, asset stripping of the common people; universal poverty for the non-elite, increased loss of freedoms, a Big Brother monitoring and controlling us, and more powerful bankers.

When May announced the G.E I planned to vote for “None of them”, and writing it across the ballot paper. I am aware that all the constituency candidates have to be shown all spoilt ballot papers prior to the announcement of the result. And I would like them to have to read large numbers of “None of them”. I now suspect that the result of the G.E could be very close indeed, which is why I now intend to vote UKIP. I know that UKIP have no chance of winning very much, if anything. But the mainstream parties need to understand that UKIP still represents a serious threat to the arrogance of all the mainstream parties. I also believe that May represents the gravest threat that this country has faced in what we assume is 'peace time'. Not that I see peace wherever the UK is involved.

Since Blair, every PM has been trying to outdo Blair's warmongering. Politics has degenerated into a continuous frenzy of blood letting by state-sponsored terrorism against any sovereign nation whose only threat is to not be part of the one-world government (globalisation process). Cameron bombed Libya into the Stone Age. Now mass immigration from Libya has effectively changed the nature of much of Europe, and the UK. The same applies to Syria, with the same outcome. Bombs and missiles are dropped on non-aligned sovereign nations, and the European peoples not only pay the financial cost, they also suffer the enforced culture change, through no fault of their own. Across the whole of Europe the same lack of real politics is offered to the people.

Not only is there no sign of the situation improving. There is no interest shown by ANY of the political class to even think of making improvements. Taxation and cuts, is all any of them can think of in public. The really big issues that concern the majority of the electorate are NEVER publicly mentioned by the mainstream political class who demand that we vote for them. Even worse, we are expected to align our minds and morals with those of the corrupt politically correct enforcers.

To add insult to injury, the political class tells us to be brave and face up to death-dealing terrorism that springs directly from the political policies deployed against non-aligned sovereign nations. At the same time, these politicos surround themselves with 24/7 armed protection, at our expense. It's obscene.

Author:  Kremmen [ Tue May 30, 2017 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

The big thing for me this time round is do I want Corbyn. McDonnell and Abbott negotiating Brexit !!!

Unfortunately the wasters of this country are seeing the promise of cash handouts so they can continue to sit at home, on their iPhones all day, or at least after 11:00 or so when they rise. Labours idea of Brexit is what they are deeming 'soft' so 'immigration without work' would continue as now.

That equals the need for significant more housing which we can't keep watered or powered if the current trend is anything to go by.

If we need foreign labour to perform menial tasks then get the unemployed to do it for their benefits. Doesn't have to be full time as they need time to hunt for another job.

Author:  Westonman [ Tue May 30, 2017 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NHS

A promise from the Tories for the 2010 G.E was to reduce immigration down from 100s of 1000s to 10s of 1000s per year. Not only did the numbers coming in NOT reduce, the numbers actually significantly increased. That was SEVEN years ago, and the numbers continue to rise. May has been PM for nearly a year now and there has been NO reduction in the numbers coming in. She has done NOTHING! And her backup Rudd, has done NOTHING.

So I don't see any difference between Corbyn/McDonnell/Abbott than the May/Hammond/ Rudd combination. Abbott is portrayed as a complete case of nuts as a chancellor, and Hammond has complained that his hands are tied by the promises of the 2015 G.E because he wants to increase VAT, NI, and Income Tax generally, as well as place all pensioners on means testing, and raise the possibility of nationalising all pensioner's homes.

As for negotiating Brexit, there is not going to be a Brexit, the whole thing is a sham. May/Fallon/Johnson are continuing with the process of handing over all of the British military to the EU, that Cameron began BEFORE he was elected back in 2010. Cameron signed the pact after the G.E, in November 2010. See here for details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lanca ... ties_(2010)

Cameron entered into a secret deal with the French to merge our military with the French, as a first step to handing over the whole of EU military to Germany, under the guise of an EU Army. Brexit is a sham, because there can be NO restoration of British sovereignty without an independent British military. None of this merging of the British Military has ever been properly debated by MPs in Parliament. I have raised this issue with my local MP; I was ignored. I have raised it with the local Conservative Association; I have been ignored. It appears that they simply don't want us to know about what is going on.

Brexit is supposed to be about Britain's independent sovereignty, but there is to be NO sovereignty restored. May and her colleagues are deceiving us.

So again, there is nothing to choose between Corbyn and May.

The deception about Brexit is very, very serious. At some time after the G.E 2017, the truth about Brexit is going to have to be revealed to the British people, NO Brexit. That presents a very serious situation for all of us, because that suggests the dangers of a public revolt against the political class could be extreme. A situation that will force the hands of the political class to declare a state of emergency that amounts to a dictatorship being imposed over us.

In Corbyn's favour, he dose NOT support widespread fracking across England; May and the Tories DO. Fracking will finally destroy what is left of this green and pleasant land. The air, the ground, and the water supplies, will all be poisoned from the fracking chemicals pumped into the ground under our homes.

Here is a small sample of what we can expect from fracking:

Corbyn to ban fracking:
https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... een-agenda

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