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Author:  Kremmen [ Wed May 17, 2017 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Labour Manifesto

People are falling for it.

Tuition fees scrapped
Billions for the NHS
Billions for the Police
Billions for Schools
Pay to nationalise the railways = buying all the shares
Pay to nationalise the water companies = ditto
Pay to nationalise the Royal Mail
Tax credit cap raised

The bill for the above is a minimum of £52 billion a year.

With what they are proposing in increased taxes, assuming the rich and businesses stay in the UK, has been calculated by the experts as being £25 billion a year short that would need to be borrowed.

Labour will bankrupt us again like Gordon Brown almost did.

On a brighter note, the electorate that were being interviewed in the Labour stronghold of Bradford were saying they were switching to Tory. Mainly because they don't trust Corbyn in the EU negotiations.

Author:  Westonman [ Wed May 17, 2017 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

The choice at this election is even more confusing and dangerous than at any previous time in our history. In fact, we don't have a real choice, whatever 'government' is formed after 8th June, the political direction will be much the same. There will inevitably be some changes to the window dressing, but underneath nothing will change.

On the perceived Left we are offered the Red devil of full-on Marxist dictatorship; on the perceived Right we are offered the deep Blue sea of blue rinsed Conservatives, who are determined to complete the task of taking us into a fascist corporatist form of one-world government, a centralised dictatorship. Both of them are determined to bind us into the Socialist/Marxist EU, even though both sides speak of Brexit. In the Red/Yellow/Green corner we have the openly Marxist globalists; and in the Blue/Green corner we have the one-world corporatist globalists.

Brexit is a dead duck, it is never going to truly happen. The incorporation of ALL EU laws into UK law by this dying Government proves the point. As does the destruction of our once independent British Military, and the handing over of what remains of our military and defence industry to the 'evolving' EU military system. We no longer have any independence or sovereignty, the political class of all colours have given us away for all time to the EU and the globalists.

To add to our confusion over which grouping/party to vote for, even our naturally born genders are openly questioned. We are now being told that our biological gender is a fiction, that we are free to decide for ourselves, from moment to moment, what we are. Our minds are being deliberately played with and confused. When natural normality is being politically and officially questioned, it is small wonder we find it difficult to understand and interpret anything coming from the political class and officialdom. The deranged offerings from all of them ought to have us all running for the hills to escape the insanity.

Author:  Kremmen [ Thu May 18, 2017 7:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

Not sure I like the Tory ideas, but, we are in a mess and I think they have no choice.

Winter fuel means tested
If you need social care then the bill will be funded by the sale of your house when you pop your clogs.

Better start looking after myself. Since Jan 2016 I've been careful and lost 2½ stone and my waist has lost 5". Still got 7lb to go to get to the top end of normal.

Author:  Westonman [ Thu May 18, 2017 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

Kremmen wrote:
Not sure I like the Tory ideas, but, we are in a mess and I think they have no choice.

Winter fuel means tested
If you need social care then the bill will be funded by the sale of your house when you pop your clogs.
We are in a mess because the political class have deliberately created the mess. Now they expect us to believe it is our fault, and intend to rob us blind of everything we've ever worked for.

Who foisted the insane green, save the planet, agenda on us; the agenda that has artificially raised the cost of energy? The whole of the political class.

Who has ensured that our wealth producing industrial base has been under-mined, sold off to foreign corporations, and what was left has been destroyed? The whole of the political class.

Who gave our sovereignty away to the EU without consulting honestly and openly with the electorate? The whole of the political class did.

Who left our national boarders wide open to every economic migrant and potential terrorist? The whole of the political class did.

Who, under the guise of privatising the essential utilities, such as supplies of water, gas, electric, and sold them off to foreign corporations, the same corporations that now rob us blind? The whole of the political class did.

Whom has deliberately undermined and severely weakened the traditional family unit in Britain? The whole of the political class has.

Who enthusiastically give away £13 billion (and rising) per year of taxpayers money to foreign dictators and no-hopers? The whole of the political class does.

Who has effectively reduced the state education system to becoming a state propaganda and brainwashing system of the young and youth, a system that is insanely obsessed with sex and gender bending? The whole of the political class has.

Who has allowed the banks to become “too big to fail”? The political class has.

Who has overseen the incredible devaluation of our currency? The political class and their banker colleagues.

Who has enabled the political charity, Common Purpose, to gain effective and destructive control, by the use of “change agents”, of the NHS, police, local government, education, central government, virtually every public body, and has gained access and influence in many corporations? The whole of the political class has not only let it happen, they have actually been part of the process. Common Purpose has people INSIDE Number 10.

Who has so weakened the British military so that what remains cannot even perform ceremonial duties properly? The whole of the political class are guilty of destroying our ability to independently protect ourselves.

I could go on with many more examples of the political class working against the wishes of the British people, but I'm sure you get the message by now.

We have been made fools of by the political class because we have let them persuade us that we have a real choice at the polls. And next month we have no choice whatsoever. Both the Red/Green and the Blue/Green will steal from us in the coming 'Parliament' whatever they have left us with, and raise taxes to levels never seen before.

Both parties will continue with the empowering of EU regions and their mayors in a federalised Britain. The UK has already been broken into four parts, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. With the English given the most punishing system of federalisation. Expect to see the declaration of City States across England in the near future; powerful enforcers of regional government (Soviets). Also, after the election, expect to hear that road pricing by foreign corporations is to be announced, with severe controls over who can use the roads. The existing Motorways that are being converted to Smart Motorways are not for our benefit and freedom.

We shouldn't be listening to the words from the political class at this election time. We should look closely at their past actions. Their past actions are far more revealing than any current election 'promises'. Mrs May was a staunch European (Socialist EU) who was diametrically opposed to Brexit. Mr Corbyn is reported to have strong Marxist sympathies. Whichever one of them becomes PM on 9th June, I expect them both to revert to their true nature and character. They are both very likely to claim that they have the electorate's endorsement of their respective manifestos. BUT, in the past, how many manifesto major 'promises' were ignored, broken? It's those actions we should take account of.

Author:  Rich Kid [ Tue May 23, 2017 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

You paint a somewhat bleak outlook Westonman, but as an eternal optimist I hope for all our sakes you're wrong although a small part of me says you could be right.

Author:  Westonman [ Wed May 24, 2017 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

Rich Kid wrote:
You paint a somewhat bleak outlook Westonman, but as an eternal optimist I hope for all our sakes you're wrong although a small part of me says you could be right.

R.K. I too sincerely hope than I am wrong in what I see coming down the track at great speed towards us. I really do hope I'm wrong. I have fully grown children and grandchildren; I hope their futures aren't as bleak as they appear to be; but I fear the truth is actually staring us in the face. For many, the truth of the situation is far too difficult to see and accept because it is so terrible; which is why the majority of us are finding it so difficult to acknowledge the danger we are facing this very day.

In my opinion, the election on the 8th June represents a threshold into an era that most of us would probably prefer not to enter. Unfortunately, ignoring the truth will not prevent it. Whichever party is 'elected', I fear the outcome will be very similar, and extremely unpleasant.

We only have to casually glance in the direction of Mrs May and her behaviour at the Home Office, when she was Home Secretary, to see behind the charade. Mrs May represents a hard-hearted individual who desires to unjustifiably SPY on ALL of us for no other reason than to expand her power-base.

Another glance in the direction of Mr Corbyn should remind us of his enthusiasm for Marxism; a vicious and controlling system.

Both May and Corbyn, by nature, are firm Europhiles. The EU is a socialist/Marxist organism, that both May and Corbyn are more than happy to surrender to.

Even more clarity is provided if we look and listen to Sturgeon of the NSP. The NSP is anything but nationalist; it is International Marxist to the core. The NSP has combined the previous twelve Scottish police forces into one huge force, named Police Scotland. A close look at the actions and nature of Police Scotland appears to reveal some very nasty characteristics that are more akin to the Stasis than a traditional British policing system. The NSP is overwhelmingly, openly, and aggressively enthusiastic for streamlining within the EU. The same EU that both May and Corbyn are naturally comfortable to be a part of. With these indicators, why would a the SNP be so aggressively enthusiastic for remaining within the EU.

Since the LibLabNatCON are all Europhiles by nature, none of their promises are worth the breath they are uttered with. To remain within the EU will render the federalised UK an offshore non-entity that is governed directly by the EU, thereby negating all political promises and manifestos offered during this election.

The proof of what I'm assessing is underlined by the current political deceit and shenanigans surrounding, and covering, the unification of the down-sized British Military with the now appearing EU Military. Despite what May and Corbyn are saying in public; we cannot possibly have a full Brexit restoring full sovereignty while the British Military is being fully unified and integrated within the EU. True independence from the EU also means retaining full control over our independent military. The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from this military unification process is: Brexit, whatever it will be, will NOT be full restoration of British sovereignty to the British people. So, somebody, probably most, if not all of them, are lying to the British people about Brexit. Which poses another question.

Why are the political class so confident that they can lie to us about Brexit, whilst knowing that at some time within the next two years, the truth will have to be revealed to the British people. What power or force do the political class have available to ensure their safety when the truth is finally revealed?

Another question also demands some answers. Why is it that the MSM are also 'blind' to what is going on. Why aren't the MSM demanding very clear answers from the political class over the unification of the down-sized British Military with the appearing EU Military, while the political class continues to talk of Brexit? Are the MSM really that stupid as to not be able to see that something very profound is NOT makiing sense?

Author:  Kremmen [ Sat May 27, 2017 3:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

Corbyn is on record as admitting to being Marxist.

I'd love McDonnell to lose out but with the 'mix' down here I doubt it.

Author:  Rich Kid [ Mon May 29, 2017 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

The Marx Brothers, Corbyn & McDonnell - clowns of the first order!

Author:  Kremmen [ Tue May 30, 2017 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

Dianne Abbots record at Brent shows her true colours.

Author:  Jon [ Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Labour Manifesto

On the positive side, the here and now isn't a bad time and place to be alive compared with most of history and much of geography. Our foreboding is for the future.

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