Official - No More Gas Boilers
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Author:  Rich Kid [ Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Official - No More Gas Boilers

It seems that very soon builders will not be permitted to install gas hobs or boilers in order to meet carbon emission targets!
Is the world going mad, or is it me?
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... rgets.html

Author:  Kremmen [ Thu Feb 21, 2019 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Official - No More Gas Boilers

In 6 years time.

Presumably electric storage heaters that store expensive heat whether you need it or not the next day - how stupid.

Just like the car market that will insist on electric soon even though most won't have access to charging points.

Author:  Westonman [ Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Official - No More Gas Boilers

RK, Insanity (mad) is defined as being ‘mentally deranged’. The current thinking/policies behind man-made global warming/climate change do appear to be the result of deranged minds, or insanity (madness).

Not only are we apparently controlled by deranged minds in high places when it comes to man-made glo0bal warming, but the very meaning of language itself takes on a derangement when used by the global warming policy makers.

As this DM article reports: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... rgets.html
... the Committee on Climate Change said newly-built properties should rely on low-carbon heating and cooking equipment such as induction hobs.
The Home Builders Federation said the proposed ban would make new-builds a harder sell, as gas boilers are often cheaper and preferred by buyers.

The Committee on Climate Change claims to be INDEPENDENT:
The Committee on Climate Change (the CCC) is an independent, statutory body established under the Climate Change Act 2008.
Just how INDEPENDENT are they?

The Committee on Climate Change comprises a Chairman and eight independent members. It is jointly sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government.

This Committee claims it is INDEPENDENT, but it is funded by GOVERNMENT. See here: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisat ... l-strategy. So The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy is part of the UK Government, which is funding the INDEPENDENT Committee on climate Change with taxpayers’ money.

Clearly, the word “independent” does not mean the same to Government as it ought to.

Here are the members of the so-called INDEPENDENT Committee on Climate Change:
https://www.theccc.org.uk/about/committ ... te-change/

A close look at members of this Committee suggests that true “independence” is somewhat lacking.

Lord Deben, Chair (John Selwyn Gummer) is 100% a political animal, and a member of the Conservative Party.

Baroness Brown of Cambridge: “She was non-executive director of the Green Investment Bank and she led the King Review on decarbonising transport (2008).” Hardly independent.

Professor Corinne Le Quéré: “Corinne Le Quéré is Professor of Climate Change Science at the University of East Anglia (UEA), where she conducts research on the interactions between climate change and the carbon cycle.”
That is worth repeating; “Professor of Climate Change at the University of East Anglia (UEA)”. The UEA is the very same UEA where those Climategate emails came from ten years ago. How can the UEA be independent when those climategate emails are still considered by many to be highly damaging to the whole of the man-made global warming/climate change 'theory'?

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/ ... uotes.html
https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/col ... ation.html

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