Made up stats lead BBC bulletins...
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Author:  Admin [ Thu May 09, 2019 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Made up stats lead BBC bulletins...

How have we come to this?
https://www.spectator.co.uk/2019/05/the ... 0-20144013

Author:  Kremmen [ Fri May 10, 2019 8:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Made up stats lead BBC bulletins...

The Earth has had extinction and regeneration before. It has all the necessary for life so will not totally die.

As it goes, in my opinion, the Earth is way over populated and that is the reason for the current issues. With the likes of China, India and the US not caring a fig for the environment the future may well be in jeopardy but our tiny over populated island is just a small insignificant dot on the landscape.

Over population leads to them stupidly building on the flood plain and that's what's making flooding worse, not totally what we are emitting.

Ban building on new sites and stop this continual immigration. No houses = tough, we are at capacity.

New houses - where is the clean water and energy coming from ?

Author:  Westonman [ Fri May 10, 2019 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Made up stats lead BBC bulletins...

The BBC, one time apparently innocent “Auntie”, has degenerated into a deceiving old crone. For sanity's sake, the safest default position to take with today’s BBC is to ignore it, and to invert anything you do hear or see from the BBC.

Admin asks: “How did we come to this” situation? That is a complex question, where the correct answer ought to refer to many perverse factors affecting the whole of the society, the mainstream media, and politics today. But to reduce the answer to one factor, I believe the influences that the political charity “Common Purpose” has within the BBC has a huge amount to answer for.

Sadly, if the established church, together with much of the Free church, had not willingly turned its back on Truth, then even Common Purpose “change agents” would not have been so effective. When the light goes out, then darkness inevitably follows. We are now in a Post-Modern Dark Age, where truth is what each individual wishes it to be, irrespective of how outrageous and insane that “wish” is.

Author:  Admin [ Sun May 12, 2019 12:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Made up stats lead BBC bulletins...

Just to be clear, Kremmen, the article explains that the UN's claim, which made headlines around the world, has no validity, there is no threat of mass extinctions at all, it's all completely made up.

On the subject of overpopulation: I'm afraid I don't agree at all. It's so easy for people to think the world is overpopulated because there are so many overpopulated towns or cities in the world. But that does not mean the world is overpopulated. Everyone on earth could fit into the smallest state in the USA! Everything is relative, numbers can be made to sound vast to us, but put into the perspective of the vastness of the land, the oceans and the great forces of nature, they become almost insignificant.

Most of the ghastly problems facing much of the world's population are caused by politics or natural forces which would affect populations regardless of their size. People have an incredibly false idea of man's impact and footprint on what everyone now seems to refer to as "the planet".

Land is only 25% of the earth's surface.

Ask most people and they would say that land is crammed ... not so.

Here's an interesting fact: only 2% of the surface area of the UK is built upon ... and we're one of the leading industrialised nations.

That's why when I heard an expert on the BBC the other day saying a breed of ant in the UK is facing extinction because of overdevelopment, I knew immediately that he was - as ever - talking utter rubbish, that he'd just made up.

Author:  Westonman [ Sun May 12, 2019 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Made up stats lead BBC bulletins...

It is amazing hypocrisy that so much attention to the supposed and unproven deaths of a few ants and other species raises so much noise and outrage from the BBC, whilst routine deaths by abortion of human babies, and deaths of patients within the NHS from suspect and dubious treatments receives no concern or outrage. There appears to be an inverted morality at work, a suspect death-cult against the non-elite of humanity.

At the same time there is no concern coming from the BBC about the very real dangers to all life forms presented by 5G millimetre wavelength EMFs (Elecro-Magentic-Force) of high output power levels.

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