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Author:  Marian [ Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beck Theatre (Board Room) 'Jukeboxes & Coffee Bars'

In answer to the question 'Can you confide as to what happened to cause the late change?' .. which has been asked on the Photos Galleries beneath the poster 'Jukeboxes & Coffee Bars' .. and also to explain here, being that I put the posters on 'What's On'.
I changed the programme, reluctantly, because I had no idea how much 'Singing In the Lane' had been publicised.

Firstly, there had been a problem when some paperwork regarding my booking did not arrive in the post and so I lost 3 weeks when I could have been preparing posters, fliers, and notifying the local press etc.

I was not able to have a refund for my booking and so could only rely on the 17 posters I sent out being displayed in the libraries in the borough. To my dismay, I was later told that it was not certain that my posters had been displayed anywhere else other than Charville, although my posters had been sent on to other libraries from Charville when the offer was kindly made to do that for me.

Although there may have been some people from Charville wanting to come along to the Beck, I had been hoping to reach a wider audience through the other publicity posters being displayed in other libraries as the Board Room seated more people.
I seemed to have no alternative but to postpone 'Singing In The Lane' and as the Board Room was booked with no chance of a refund (I had not booked months in advance) I decided to try the different programme and hoped that the theatre would advertise it on their website as it could appeal as being more theatrical. I also contacted the Gazette and Hayes FM but none of it was advertised.
I hope that I have included enough detail here to answer your question.

P.S. It was after me giving the first talk at the Interesting Hour at Charville that some members of the audience asked me if I would give the talk again and include something about my own songwriting. I was not able to book the same room
and that is why I looked around and found there were rooms available at The Beck. The offer was then made for me to send the posters to be distributed from Charville but, as I said, I then found that they may not have been displayed.

I am now in the process of finding somwhere else to present 'Singing In The Lane' and without more financial loss if anything else goes wrong. I hope that it doesn't.!

With Kind Regards from

Author:  Marian [ Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beck Theatre (Board Room) 'Jukeboxes & Coffee Bars'

I am sorry that I missed out saying in the above that part of my plan I was to make a donation to the Gt. Ormond St. Hospital if things had worked out. I had a personal reason for thinking that would have been nice to do.


Author:  Marian [ Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 'Jukeboxes & Coffee Bars' deleted post

'Singing In the Lane'

Well, Saturday the 7th September is approaching fast and so anyone who would like to come along to Hayes End Methodist Church Hall (the Primary Room) will be welcome. Details are on the posters in What's On and HayesMiddx.com. Also Photos if you click on Photos above.

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