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Author:  davrob [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Folk music

Although Folk music is usually treated as a different form of music from Classical, there is a certain amount of crossover between the two. A hundred years ago a number of English composers were scouring the English countryside for genuine folk songs and incorporating them into their orchestral music. Vaughan Williams and Holst and Butterworth were three. So perhaps this is the place to write about folk music. As a young man I used to attend what was called a ceilidh, where among the traditional country dances, we listened to folk songs or watched traditional dances like the clog dance. Although I'm mostly a classical fan I do enjoy listening to good folk songs and singers. I well remember attending a concert by the Spinners in Farnborough that was great. There's one song of there's I still enjoy listening to called "Linstead Market", sung by Cliff, using what I suppose is Jamaican patois. The Corries are another group I like.

Author:  Jon [ Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Folk music

When I first got a Sky satellite box in the 90s (purely so I could get UK Gold) I found there were also a number of continental channels, mainly German ones. What an eye opener. German TV broadcasts LOTS of their culture and traditional music.

It makes me really annoyed that this doesn't happen in the UK, not even on channels that are supposed to cater for minority interests. For some reason, the minorities seem to have to be political, racial or sexual minorities. But what about minority musical interests, which even though they might not compete with the interest in pop and rock still have huge followings. There are all sorts of minorities you could think of that could be covered but aren't. For some reason it's OK to laugh at them, be it stamp collectors, people interested in our transport heritage, morris dancers and so on.

There should be regular programmes for things like folk music and amateur bands, orchestras and choirs. Many thousands of people are active in these sorts of pastimes; TV companies that can spend millions churning out endless trash don't seem interested in them.

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